OK. The world has gone mad.

Ever heard the phrase, “More money than sense”? Well, that definitely applies here.

See, if you have stacks of cash you can get these Bulldog design Bluetooth speaker. The red or black AeroBull XS1 starts at £499 from Selfridges. That’s £499 for a Bluetooth speaker with a 120W amplifier, 2 x 30W tweeters and 1 x 60W woofer.

There’s also the £1,349 Jarre Aerobull speaker does something similar and comes with a stand to hold your iPod or iPhone.

There is, however, another. The super-sized AeroBull HD1 …. in a new bespoke Chrome Gold finish.

It’s 67cm high, has fantastic sound with deep bass and comes with 200 watts of power. There’s Bluetooth 2.1 amplification and, because there’s only 99 of these gold ones, it comes in a Limited Edition presentation box.

Oh, one final thing. This speaker is going to cost £3888.