Cyngn takes a new road.. literally

Those of you that have ever dabbled in changing the OS on an Android phone will no doubt will have heard of Cyanogenmod. This group of enthusiasts built operating systems for a myriad of Android phones compiled from the base AOSP. At one time things were going well, with the creation of Cyanogen as a fully fledged company and manufactures such as OnePlus and Wiley Fox using the OS.

But things didn’t go well, and the company started to fall apart. It all came to a head at the end of last year, with the OS becoming reborn under the Lineage OS brand. Cyngn (formerly known as Cyanogen) raised a massive $115 million to make CyanogenMod, but the project derailed fast.

Now appears that Cyngn the money is instead being invested into developing self-driving car software and possibly hardware to match. The company also recently received a permit  to test their self-driving cars on Californian roads.

This certainly is an interesting turn for the company and one we will be keeping an eye on. Take a look at their website for a … bit… more information.