Introducing the Freefly FF3

Last year, we managed to get hold the Freefly VR headset from the Gadget Show. Well, those lovely people at Proteus VR have announced the next headset called Freefly FF3 which is a hybrid mix between augmented reality and virtual reality in one device.

Mixed Reality is expected to transform the way people access digital content. It is a more immersive version of augmented reality that, rather being consumed looking at a phone, the virtual objects are stereoscopic when seen through dual views, putting the virtual objects ‘in the world’ of the viewer. Personally, this will take the phone experience to the next level.

The FF3 supports some cool new features, a patent pending wide angle lens system, which upgrades the user’s back facing camera, widens the Mixed Reality ‘play area’ to a whopping 180°improving on the limited field of views of dedicated Mixed Reality headsets.

The Freefly FF3 now features removal sides (MR mode) to increase the sense of presence in the real world which the viewer can see in their peripheral vision.

For full VR mode, the sides are reattached, both of which feature new Aura Lighting technology. With its 120° field of view, Aura Lighting takes immersion one step further, by stretching out the dominant colours of the VR content to the periphery of the viewer’s vision, reducing the porthole view effect found in today’s existing headsets.

Proteus VR have taken to Crowdcube to get the Freefly FF3 off the ground to raise £220,000. They already have 86 investors who have invested £89,500. We will follow the progress of the headset with much anticipation.