Fancy a hotel room with gaming PCs inside?

The Autumnal air is here and yes, the Christmas decorations are already in the shops. Wait a minute, weren’t we on holiday just a few minute ago? Weren’t we sitting on a foreign beach, enjoying the sunshine?

Well yes, we were. If, however, you still fancy a break away but want to be connected to your favourite gadgets, the new iHotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan has a solution which could appeal to the gamers amongst you. Each room has not one, but two high-performance gaming PCs. Ideal for soaking away the hours and connected to the web so that you can compete with your online friends in relative peace and unbroken seclusion.

Sure, the cleaner might come in every now and then, but with headphones, glowing peripherals and large monitors, you shouldn’t get too distracted. Want to eat whilst in the middle of a crucial match? No problem, room service will deliver it all to you, and the comfortable chairs will help you relax while you fire away on the latest game releases.

Meanwhile, if you can’t afford a room, the lobby has several gaming PCs too. The owners of the hotel have ensured that all PCs are hi-spec, with GeForce 1080 Ti graphics cards and 4K-ready 32-inch screens. Oh, and perhaps even better news – the minibar is free!

Some of top gamers are already rumoured to be heading to the hotel, which has Star Wars music playing in the public areas and is equipped with the latest DXRacer chairs. If you do want to get out and see the outside world, it’s a mere 4-minute walk from Taoyuan Railway Station. There’s a range of museums, theme parks, stores, restaurants, nightlife and casinos, which helps to create the mystique around gaming that is still such a draw for the celebrities of today.

Despite the “bling” and the classy decor, the hotel is fairly reasonably priced, at just at 3,000 TND per night (which works out at £73). Plus there’s included WiFi so you don’t need to pay extra for that.

Sure, you’ve got to get yourself to Taiwan in the first place, but it could be a great badge of honour for the dedicated gamer and a real talking point 🙂

Let’s hope that other hotels in the chain follow suit, so that dedicated gamers can play in peace, rather than being interrupted at home.

Even if you’re not a gamer, and you’re out in Taiwan on business, the inclusive WiFi and the connected gaming PCs would make for an absolutely brilliant (and really quite comfortable) office experience! 🙂