Quick Friday offer for SIM only data junkies

I’ll keep this brief, because I’m hopefully talking to those who want a massive slice of data on a network with great coverage.

This one is with Virgin Mobile, who use EE. Their SIM-only offer will give you a massive 20GB of data plus 5000 minutes and unlimited texts. It’s a 12 month plan and you’ve got to pick this one up before midnight on October 2nd.

Head to the Virgin Media site for the offer, where you can get their cheapest ever 20GB deal. This was £24 per month as of yesterday, so that’s £8 off. I’m not sure about you, but 20GB will be far more than I actually need and should stop any of those “have I got enough data left” questions, which is good.

If you’ve got a phone and you’re happy, a £16 SIM using the EE masts delivering a massive bucket of data sounds like a great offer. We’ve also checked into this a bit more, and it doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve got Virgin Media TV or not – the price stays the same no matter what.

Right! Time for a coffee!!