Quick – £6 SIM-only Plusnet plan with 1.5GB of data

Want the EE coverage and reach for a SIM-only deal? Want to pay just £6 every month for 1.5GB of data? Well, if you’re quick Plusnet have a deal which does just that.

The PR peeps, who offered me a cookie to pimp this plan, tell me that this particular offer only runs until September 18th, which is Monday. The offering also delivers 1000 texts and 2000 minutes of calls. That, when combined with a cheap handset from one of those gadget exchange places, should be enough to keep your son or daughter connected in and out of school, or for anyone looking to reduce the monthly outgoings.

The price is the same whether you’re a Plusnet broadband customer or not and it’s a rolling 30 day contract, so you can exit whenever you want. Plusnet also have UK customer service, roam like home and a smart cap so you don’t need to worry about inflated bills. Head to the Plusnet website for the details.