Another new network, this time from Vodafone. Welcome VOXI

Yesterday we covered a new virtual network call SMARTY. This is a more simple network that offers purely SIM-only plans at competitive prices. As we found out, it is being run by, and on top of, the Three network.

Now Vodafone have done something pretty similar, and both companies have delivered their new ideas just before students head back to school, college and university. That’s not totally unconnected, and this Vodafone one is aimed squarely at the under-25’s. Oh, and yes, you do have to be under 25. See our update below.

The guys at Voda tell me …

VOXI is a new mobile offering created by Vodafone, that lets people use their phones the way they want to. The VOXI brand, products, customer experience and marketing have all been co-created with our audience.

Like the Three / SMARTY offering, pricing is cheap. Again, just like SMARTY, there’s three plans offering unlimited texts and calls. You just pick the amount of data you want..

    £10 = 2GB data
    £15 = 5GB data
    £20 = 15GB data

In another similar move, there’s an added bonus. Here it’s the fact that some data is actually provided “at no cost” to your allowance. In other words, it “free”. It echoes solutions such as ChatSIM in delivering instant messaging without impacting your data bundle.

Available from September 8th, the Vodafone-powered VOXI 4G service gives a “free” allowance so that Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Viber usage is at zero cost. Using any of those apps (and, we presume, that includes pictures, videos and calls via those apps too) won’t impact your 2GB, 5GB or 15GB allowance.

Also, you can roam with this, and those social media / chat apps are still not going to use your data allowance, provided you’re in the “Europe Zone”. To keep your data usage in check, VOXI will let you know when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your data plan. If you hit 100%, then you won’t be able to use the social media and chat apps until you’ve bought more.

Dan Lambrou, Head of VOXI, said…

Why should young people make do with the same mobile plans as everyone else, when they use their phones differently and often can’t access the best deals? We’ve worked with hundreds of people aged 25 and under, and have really listened to them. They are a generation that’s tired of being stereotyped and talked at. We created VOXI, a transparent new mobile service that gives our audience a platform to connect to the things that matter to them, whatever they’re into.

Expect to see this new network promoted by young and cool people like myself soon. They’ve also roped in Anthony Joshua and Snoochie Shy, who is a DJ, presenter and model.

Want more? Well, you can get 1GB of additional data for £3 and you can get 100 international minutes for £3 too. However, what is interesting (and isn’t mentioned much as yet) is the fact that you’ll soon be able to buy a “Music pass” or “Video pass” on this new “Youth Network” so that you can either stream audio or video via inclusive / free data too.

You can pre-order a SIM now and choose a plan on September 8th.

Update – Vodafone have clarified the age limit on VOXI. They state…

A customer needs to be 25 or under to use the service. Its purpose-built for this age group who almost exclusively use social media.

A VOXI customer can continue to use the service if they register before they are 26 years old.

We believe there are plenty of existing Vodafone offers which will appeal to people aged over 25 and we will be introducing additional services aimed at other age groups.

Isn’t that a bit ageist? Hmm… I’d love to use one of these plans, and it suits my needs perfectly, but I’m slightly too old to join..

They also tell me that you’ll need to prove your age with Passport or National ID number online. Or in store with applicable ID.