Remember the HTC Re ? You can still get something like it..

It was an interesting idea. A camera, without a viewfinder, that you randomly carried around (probably with your camera-packing-phone) and generally pointed in roughly the right direction of whatever you wanted to film. We reviewed the HTC Re a couple of years back but now it’s vanished from the HTC UK website.

No matter though, because if you want one of these 16 megapixel cameras, there’s plenty on fleabay for between £50 and £60.

That, or you could buy a YoCam, which looks pretty similar and costs a lot more. It’s £119 and has a 2 Micron pixel camera with waterproof casing. Microns? Yeah, we didn’t know either. After a bit of checking on the manufacturers website, it turns out that there’s an 8 megapixel photo resolution and 1080 video recording.

As it’s IP68 waterproof, you can swim with the thing and even start / stop recording over Bluetooth and WiFi to your phone, which you can use as a remote viewfinder thanks to an accompanying app.

Example photos can be seen on the YoCam website and there’s various different shooting options from time lapse, burst shoot, slow motion, looping, delay shot, lifelog, auto rotation and much more. It comes with microphone and microSD card slot plus there’s a USB port hidden inside for transferring and recharging the in-built 700mAh battery. That’ll give you two hours battery life, then you can attach it to something (or yourself) via a clip mount or lanyard.

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