Take a drone, turn everything up to 11, then you get this

Geeez… so, bear with me on this one. Imagine going a little crazy with your credit card one day. Imagine buying about 100 drones, then attaching them all to some scaffolding and putting a deck-chair in the middle of it all and you’ll end up with something like this.

It’s a creation by a guy called Axel Borg and he’s so far managed 8 minutes flying, using 57% of his battery.

I know, right?!

In theory, this gives you about 14 minutes in the air. Alex says…

Overall the test went really well. There was a little more vibration than I had anticipated, and Yaw directional stability in forward flight was inadequate. In this first flight the I-gain limits were set to zero. Next flight the Yaw I-limit will be set to a value above zero to obtain better directional stability.

He says that goggles and ear protection are a must, but also adds that (due to the additional weight presumably)…

All other clothing is OPTIONAL. I’m flying in an un-populated area, so I just might try flying nude. I promise to NOT make a video documenting that flight… LOL!

OK, we like this guy. He’s a bit nuts.

He also tells us about his setup, but to be honest I’ve no idea what he’s talking about apparently there’s something about “76 Multistar Elite 5010 274Kv motors and the FC is 5x KK 2.1 running stock 1.6 firmware”.

I’m unsure, but I can tell you that there’s 80 batteries and it’s cost him around $10,000 so far. The crazy nude flying man has got some cash.

Here’s another, slightly more in-depth video …

Perhaps something like this will be getting you to work in a few years time?