On the way to Scotland. How about a battered … Galaxy S8?!

I’m on a charity cycle ride right now, heading up to Edinburgh. From England up to the top of Scotland, it’s going to be one very punishing trip. It’ll be my second time to Edinburgh, and I learned quite a bit about the place last time.

I visited the home of Alexander Graham Bell, the man who invented the telephone. I also frequented quite a few pubs, and I visited The Elephant House, where apparently J. K. Rowling received the inspiration for the Harry Potter books.

Scotland also has a love of football, and across in Glasgow Rangers and Celtic have a fierce rivalry. Celtic are playing in the UEFA Champions League Qualifying in a couple of weeks and the Rangers are playing next week in the Europa League Qualifying. It’s an ideal time for the locals to grab their smartphones and have a flutter with an online bookmaker – Sportingbet.com.

But.. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m not even here to mention the fact that you can give to the wonderful charity I’m doing this insane bike ride for (although please, please do).

You know how Samsung put their phones through loads of testing? Well Tennent’s Lager has put the new Samsung Galaxy S8 through a very Scottish test – they’ve stuck it in a deep fat fryer. The results were surprising to say they least. Why? Well, last time I went to Edinburgh I had a Deep Fried Mars Bar. It was, let me tell you, an “experience”.

Somehow this tradition of deep frying things has extended to a new feature called “Will it Fry”?

The company will be deep trying more items over the next few months but you can see just what happened to the Samsung handset in their video below. They’ve also sent us lots of up-close images..

I doubt this is something that many of you will be trying any time soon. Not least for the fact that it makes your phone look yuk, but it could also cause a lot of damage – even if it does taste quite nice 🙂