Doro 8020X Overview

If you’re of a certain age the Doro handsets will definitely appeal. They’re simple to understand, easy to use and have an intuitive method of getting tasks done.

Some of their line-up, like the 6050 we looked at yesterday, are more simplistic. Other handsets pack further features, such as remote assistance, health and well-being monitoring and more.

Targeting the elderly, Doro have done well.

But wait, what’s this? The Doro 8020X isn’t necessarily aimed at the older generation. Instead this is a rugged, solid but clever smartphone which is ideal for remote workers and those in heavy industry. Drop it , use it in dusty environments, plonk it in a puddle. It’ll be fine, and there’s an assistance button if you need anything. That alone is a big tick in the box for companies looking to protect and care for remote or lone workers, but it’ll also do all the clever smartphone stuff too.

Here we take a look at the handset in one of our classic car videos. Do let me know your thoughts…