Dropped action cam. What happens next will amaze you!

Yes, I’m trying a click-bait headline. Let’s get it pushed all over Facebook by some faceless SEO company and then earn stacks of cash from it, then I might be able to fix the massive hole in my kitchen ceiling shall we?

I hate plumbing problems.

Anyhow, there’s a story behind this one, and apparently I’ve severely missed the boat because it went viral years ago. Pah, no matter. I need a kitchen ceiling, so I’m going to re-hash it as a new story to generate more social media nonsense. It’s the future apparently.

Mia Munselle found a GoPro camera in her pig pen. She lives in Cloverdale, California, and decided to see what was on the storage card. Apparently it was 8 months before she found the thing and then she wanted to know how it had got there. As we all would, she uploaded it to YouTube via a tasty licensing deal. I’ll gloss over all that though, because using some media company to control the one and only YouTube video you’ve ever uploaded is what all normal people do, right?

You need to watch it until the end, so bear with the spinning descent. If nothing else, it shows just how good those GoPro cameras are, and with 22.3 million views it would be a great advert for GoPro. If, that is, this was all cleverly edited and uploaded just to advertise GoPro… which I’m sure it isn’t… oh no…