Kitsound Parallax Speakers – A Review – Versatile and Sweet

I like Kitsound products and I always have, I find that their bassy sound and value for money hits a sweet spot for me.

Normally I tend to use their Bluetooth speakers or headphones, but as you may have read I’ve recently discovered eSports on the iPhone and so wanted to add an extra level of sound to my desk space to take the level of immersion to the next level.

I also wanted speakers with a number of connectivity options so that as many devices as possible can be connected, so I was intrigued when the Kitsound Parallax ‘book shelf’ crossed my desk.

Stylish but Tethered Bookshelf Speakers

Let’s get something out the way, the Kitsound Parallax are wired desk based speakers and require power, so cable management will be required here, doublebly so if you are going to use wired audio input, but it doesn’t stop these being stylish.

Nice sharp edges, cool setting lights, contrasting colours between the sharp black casing and the silver woofer covering, mean that these are attractive speakers. They certainly look the part on my desk next to my monitor screen….just don’t look at the remote control.

Great Sounding Speakers (with Second Opinion)

Hands up I’m a Kitsound fanboy so I was always going to be easily impressed, and I knew as soon as I heard the incredible sound quality that I would need a second opinion so I asked my good lady to pass opinion on the Parallax speakers….

The Best Speakers I’ve heard for a long time

….came the response, and was clarified further by noting that the clarity between instruments and voices was really very impressive. Not only are these speakers great for gaming but for those looking to enjoy music will really see the benefit of the great sound of these speakers over more portable options.

You do get options to alter the sound to suit your preference, you can independently alter the treble and bass, and altering the direction of the speakers makes a difference, but ultimately the core Kitsound sound that I enjoy is there and taken to the next level.

Brace yourself, there’s a negative coming…….The remote control is ugly, functional but deeply ugly. I’m lost at how such beautiful speakers can such a unattractive remote control.

What can you connect to the Kitsound Parallax Speakers?

So they sound great, they look great (apart from the remote), but just how versatile are the Parallax Speakers?

Well you can connect them to just about anything, and cables are included. You can connect using Bluetooth, Aux and even optical cables, so for this this means that I connect my iPhone using Bluetooth, channel everything else through my HDMI screen meaning that the sound is passed over Optical and this leaves Aux for anything else – Absolutely top draw.

Clearly if you are looking for mobile speakers then the Kitsound Parallax speakers aren’t for you, but if you are looking for static high quality units then these are definitely a great option.

You can purchase the  Kitsound Parallax Speakers from Amazon for Approx £150