Coolsmartphone Podcast 208 Live

We aren’t doing a last minute post for the Podcast recording tonight. Something closer to the last hour, which is better. The Coolsmartphone Podcast will be live this evening from 9pm BST for the recording of episode 208.

We will be live here on and YouTube. You’ll be able to download the edited version later in the week as soon as the Podcast Editing Elves have got round to doing their job. The cruel acronym reality is that the Podcast Editing Elves are also known as PEE, and no-one wants to have anything to do with them. Well, OK maybe very few people do, and will pay handsomely for the service, but we digress…

We think we’ll have Matteo, Majid and Khellan as opinionists, but the recording is so far in the future we aren’t sure. If in doubt tweet at them, just to make sure:

Until the recording starts, why not read our latest piece about the Honor 9 announcement in China. It may be one of the topics of discussion this evening…

Coolsmartphone Podcast 208 Live

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