Nokia 3310 – Buy now on Vodafone

The Nokia 3310, even with its slightly newer skin, might seem a bit “old tech” for some. However, it could be just the thing for your summer holiday. For just £39 (when purchased with £10 “Big Value Bundle”), you won’t mind losing it on the beach or out at the club quite as much as your £500-800 smartphone, even if it doesn’t keep you on Twitter and Facebook.

Vodafone have already switched on their free roaming in 40 locations, so you can travel around Europe with your phone before the June 15th roaming law kicks in and still get the benefits.

As we mentioned last month, the Nokia 3310 is now available on or in-store at the White City and Oxford Street branches. Only the black one is available right now, but from mid-June you’ll be able to get further colours.

Have a look at my hands-on video of the device and more shots from Mobile World Congress.