Samsung Galaxy S8 – Get one on Vodafone or giffgaff too

Right, you want one of these shiny new Galaxy S8 handsets, yes? The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available on giffgaff, as is the S8+. Price-wise you’re looking at £689 for the SIM-free S8 or £779 for the S8+.

Looking at the monthly prices, the network is offering the S8 from £32.96 per months and the S8+ for £37.43. You can spread the cost over 6, 12, or 24 months and the phone will arrive unlocked and ready with a PAYG SIM The monthly price is separate to the airtime, so you can switch to whatever is comfortable for you. For new members, a minimum £10 goodybag is required for the first payment, but this may be cancelled at any time.

Samsung Galaxy S8   Get one on Vodafone or giffgaff too

Meanwhile, Vodafone are also offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The S8 is available from £50 per month with a £30 upfront contribution. This is on a Red Extra 4GB plan and you’ll get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes too.

The S8+ is £54 per month with a slightly higher £50 upfront contribution) on a Red Extra 4GB plan which also includes unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 4GB of data.