Galaxy S8 hits record sales.

Well, it very much appears that Samsung is rising  like the phoenix from of the ashes of the Note 7. (Did you see what I did there?)

The Note 7 disaster now seems to be far from customers minds, with virtually no impact on customer confidence with the new Samsung products.

Samsung says that pre-orders for the S8 and S8+ were..

..the best (we have) ever seen. Pre-sales for the two devices were up 30 percent compared to the Galaxy S7 pre-orders from 2016. The S7 was the previous best launch we’ve had.

As yet Samsung isn’t giving away any numbers, and we will have to wait until July when Samsung reports quarterly financials to see how well the sales have done for the company as a whole.

The S8 doesn’t come bug free through, (what new devices does these days). Some customers are reporting a red tint to the screen, which Samsung have said isn’t a hardware fault and the solution will be coming by way of a software update later this week.

Are you an S8 owner, have you got the red tint to your screen ? Let us know in the comments..