The Orange SPV GUI

Yesterday I found a haul of classic smartphones including the SPV E100, E200 and M2000. Not only that, but I dug out the SPV C500 and C600 too. That C600 was, at the time, quite something – it came with an OMAP850 CPU running at 195Mhz and had a whacking 64MB storage plus a 240×320 pixel screen.

Trouble is, I can’t seem to get a lot of the other phones powered up. C600 included. I plug in the mini USB plug, wait a bit, and nothing happens.

The good ‘ole SPV is working a treat though, and whilst trying to figure out if it was just the chargers causing the problems, I stumbled across an old Orange full-sized SIM card. AHA! Just what I needed to get the SPV fired up – it wouldn’t get past “no SIM card” screen yesterday.

So, here’s a look at the smartphone experience we received from Microsoft back in 2002. This is what started the site, this is why we wrote about app certification, backdrops, ringtones, message tones and all the ways to get around the “little issues” it had.. 🙂

Oh, and apologies for the abrupt ending. My fault 🙂