Help us get to Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress is right round the corner now and we’ve got pretty much everything nailed down in terms of meeting the relevant people and seeing the latest gadgets. Our plan, as usual, is to grab the latest and most interesting gadgets – putting them live on the site in video and pictures for you to see. We’re going to be looking at the LG G6, the latest Huawei kit, the Moto G5, the Nokia 8/P1, the Sony Xperia X2 plus the HTC U Ultra and U Play.

It’s held in Barcelona and runs from February 27th until March 2nd.

The flights there? They’re really quite cheap. Thanks Ryanair / EasyJet 🙂 We’ve sorted that.

Accommodation though, that’s really quite tricky. The good news is that Matteo is OK as he’s sharing a place, but a lot of the remaining Airbnb and hotel spots tend to post inflated prices during the event.

We’re asking the lovely PR people for assistance (after all, we do show you a lot of their stuff), but if you can chip in some donations then we’d greatly appreciate it.

The good news is that we need a lot less this time, and I’ll carry on asking the various companies we deal with on the email daily for assistance so that we hopefully need an even smaller amount.