Vodafone block 100 million nuisance calls in 6 months

These days it is hard to get away from them – those pesky calls that come in about PPI, claiming for an injury you never had in the first place, offering you services you didn’t ask for etc…

There are a wide range of apps you can install to help try to block most of these, some have more success than others, plus there is always the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) option to help if you have had enough.

There is more that can be done at network level though, and Vodafone have stepped in and added some handy technology into their network to block these altogether. In the 6 months since it was launched, over 100 million calls have already been blocked, saving customers from getting angry.

Vodafone UK Commercial Director Glafkos Persianis said..

Our focus is on liberating our customers from the stress of unwanted or fraudulent calls.

We have also shared our intelligence with industry bodies and the regulator in a bid to create a united front against the sophisticated criminal gangs behind the scams.

The best thing about this for customers…..you do not need to do a thing. You wont even notice, you can just sit back and relax at not getting as many spam calls as other people out there.

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