UMI BTA8 Bluetooth Earbuds – Coupon code available

We do get a lot of kit to review here at Coolsmartphone. A lot of it comes in and you get to read all about it, but we’re now asking companies to offer up discount codes for our readers too. So, you get to read the review and save a bit of money if you choose to buy. 
UMI BTA8 Bluetooth Earbuds   Coupon code available

Umi have sent us a code for the BTA8 Bluetooth earbuds we reviewed recently. They’re available on Amazon for £19.97. However, with our code you can get them for even less. If you decide to buy, just head to the product listing and then use the special promotion code, which is…


It’ll bring the price down to just £14.97. The code expires at 23:59 on 14/02/2017.

We’ll be on the hunt for more coupon and discount codes on review kit, so keep checking back or follow us on Twitter for all the latest.