Buying a phone through eBay? Try giffgaff Marketplace instead

If you want to bag yourself a great smartphone for less cash, you’ll probably know that O2 do their “Like New” handsets. They’re fully checked and you get an accurate description of the condition before you buy the thing. Now O2’s owners, Telefónica, are their other network – giffgaff – in on the action. They’ve today launched “Marketplace”, where you can buy unlocked and fully tested pre-owned phones and sell yours.

As an example, if you’ve got an iPhone 6s 16GB, you can sell it for around £220 or, if you’re looking to buy one, they start from £349.

If you’re thinking of selling your phone, giffgaff tell us..

The new service removes the ambiguity and jargon from the pre-owned market, providing a clear, quick & easy verdict on how much your phone is worth via a robust and market-leading valuation tool.

If you send off your phone and you’re not happy with the final giffgaff quote, they will deliver your phone back for free.

If you’re interested in getting a quality, checked, unlocked smartphone, head to giffgaff Marketplace for a look at what they have to offer. You get £10 of free credit when you buy too. Not bad at all.