LG Profits fall again. That G5 wasn’t a monster hit

Somebody recently asked what my main phone was. To be honest I have two – an iPhone 6s and an LG G5. The Android handset tends to win in the daily battle for my trouser pocket, and even though I’ve not made any use of the modular G5 construction (read all about the G5 and the other LG gadgets here), it’s still my favourite phone.

Why? Well, I look for three things in a phone above all else. A nippy OS, a good screen and a good camera. I’ve used the LG G3 and the LG G4 previously and initially didn’t like the looks of the G5 (they’re a bit of a departure), but the twin camera arrangement and improved battery life (the less said about the battery performance on the previous ones, the better) has won me over.

Sadly though, my gushing enthusiasm isn’t enough to help the LG profits. They’ve posted a $223.98 million net loss for Q4, and the mobile products performance was one of the key contributing factors. LG stated that they had experienced “weak sales of the G5 smartphone”, although their V20 has performed much better.

Looking forward to Mobile World Congress, the expected LG G6 is said to be a more “straightforward” phone, hopefully harking back to the G4 if I had my way. Expect a 5.7-inch QHD LCD screen and 90% or more screen-to-body ratio.

We shall, of course, be in Barcelona to give you the latest as it happens.