Euro Data Pass ditched, Travel Data Pass appears instead

Euro Data Pass ditched, Travel Data Pass appears instead
Using your phone abroad is still something we have to think about ahead of our flight. Operators like Three have their Feel At Home service and other networks have packages and bolt-ons or a certain amount of roaming minutes and data included.

EE have today unveiled the Travel Data Pass, which will replace the Euro Data Pass. The rename is due to 11 additional countries coming as part of the deal, including Australia, UAE, USA and Canada….. all very non-European. Get the Pass and you can browse safely knowing that you’ll never be charged more than the Travel Data Pass actually cost you to buy.

Every day abroad you’ll receive 500MB of data, with it costing £3 per day for European roaming, £4 per day across the USA and Canada or £5 per day if you’re in Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, India, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa & China. All of this is available to Pay Monthly customers right now, and you can get full details below or head to this EE Travel Data Pass page for more information.

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