flic – The Smart Button

Who needs a fancy home gadget with flashy lights when some folk like the simplicity of a button! Not any old button, but a smart button! Let me introduce you to flic, the world’s smartest portable button which can connect to pretty much anything in a smart connected world. The buttons give a user the ability to program three shortcuts from a choice of a possible 60, make life very convenient. Each button can be programmed using the flic application for your smart phone too.

There are also five purpose specialist buttons:

Pressing the button sounds an alarm on a lost phone
The button allows users to set their camera up and then snap a photo from a distance
Pressing the button turns lights on and off in a home
Allows users to control their Spotify list wherever they are in their home
A push of the button instantly alerts a preselected list of family and friends of your GPS location (eg. a child returning home from school or to assist an individual’s personal safety when returning home after a night out)

The buttons start from £19.99 onwards and are no bigger than a 50p coin.

Lucky enough, I have been sent loads of flic buttons to play with and they are spread around my home – video coming soon!

For more information go to flic.io.