Rainbow Wrap Earbuds – Review

Well, these earbuds are certainly the most colourful earbuds I have tested so far. Leigh had another version earlier in Summer to play with. The new Rainbow edition is a limited edition of the Wraps series of earbuds. The Rainbow edition will match the specifications of the current ‘Talk’ range, featuring a universal one-button microphone. You can answer a call, play or pause your music and skip tracks all without having to dig into your bag or pockets for your device. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets unless it is an iPhone 7 :-). The Special Rainbow Wraps Talk edition is available from www.mywraps.com  priced at £19.99

Without repeating what Leigh has already said, I thought it may be a good idea to test them against other earbuds in the same price bracket. They are quite comfortable with a nice build quality, however, I felt the sound quality was something to be desired. The earbuds themselves I found to lack any form of bass, which is surprising when the press release states, ” A large 10MM driver, tuned by world renowned British Audio sound engineers, delivers exceptional sound quality.”. Most of all I found the ‘wrap’ feature nearly impossible, it took my wife and me nearly 6 turns each to manage to get the earbuds to wrap at all.


Not my favourite by a long way and I am too lazy to wrap them around my wrists, I can’t help but feel the wrap element is not the best selling point.