‘Allo, Allo’, Monsieur Google!

Allo yes, this post may have the worst title but I couldn’t help it.

Allo, Allo, Monsieur Google!

Back at the Google I/O Developers Conference in May, they announced two new applications, Duo and Allo. The Duo app was released about a month ago, which is the simple video chatting application if you’ll recall, and now Allo is out very soon.


Allo is a standalone messaging application, but the twist is that it has Google’s search engine built in. Personally, I think it’s rare that I think I’ll need to Google something during a chat dialogue, but we shall see. To search during a chat thread conversation, you would write @google, followed by your search term and you will get your desired results.

The application comes with your usual instant messaging options, like emojis which will be geographically specific, and chat stickers which work in the same way. Thinking about the whole bot thing is something I try not to do as it will give me a headache as I wonder who I’ll be talking to – my friend or the friendly local googlebot responder who can create responses on my behalf.