Android vs Windows…or is it Phone vs PC?

I feel compelled to write this article because over the last few months I have come to a conclusion. Everything is easier on my Android phone than my Windows PC.

Now before you start cursing, I am no hater of Microsoft’s computing behemoth. I have used Windows PCs since the days of Windows 95. I am probably one of the few people who liked Windows 8/8.1. I even bought a windows tablet and tried to use it as my daily driver with surprising success. I have used Linux for many years, and while I enjoy the ethos, performance and choice, I’ve never been able to make the plunge and move completely away from Windows. At this time of writing, I have more Windows devices than any other OS.

But trying to get anything done – especially anything quick, always takes longer. Now people may say “yes, mobile phones and tablets are very convenient for content consumption and browsing the web, but you can’t get any serious work done”. Well, I disagree. I think it depends on the kind of “work”. Yes, it’s easier for me to write this rant/opinion piece on the desktop than on my phone or tablet. But if I want to make an edit to a document, quick addition to my Dropbox, email a photo to someone, sort my passport application, checking secure NHS email or many other things, I can always do it better on my Android phone or tablet then any of the reasonably specced Windows devices I have. And as time goes on, it seems that the list of those “quick” things is increasing day-by-day. They always take an age to boot, always seem to find random problems, want me to mess around on the wifi, want to update at ridiculous times and BLOODY JUST DONT DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO!

The last straw was today, when some files I was downloading via a torrent (which was taking an age to download anyway due my crap internet connection) decided to stall and I switched over to the (same app) on my Android device… and the entire file was there 4 hours later.

It has occurred to me that maybe this isn’t anything to do with the OS, but possibly the form factor. Touch is of course, very intuitive, and most apps are designed to be simple to use. Most apps are also more recent and up-to-date, and it is true that if I look at Windows 10 Universal touch-friendly apps, they, in general, perform better than the legacy Windows applications. But even then the Android apps just work better. I had the strange experience of having the Windows 10 VLC media player app crashing on me. That is something I’ve never seen before and I have used VLC for more years than I can remember. Or maybe it’s due to inherent better code that Android has (being based on a Linux Kernel) then Windows (based on the NT Kernel). Now, however much I love Linux, I dont think thats true at all!

I understand that this is just personal opinion, but I think now I will reach for my Android rather then my Windows device. Now, to get a good android tablet…

Agree? Disagree? Think I’m a sage full of great insight? or an overweight northerner with too much time on my hands? Sound off in the comments.