Good Morning World. This is Great Britain calling.

Good Morning World. This is Great Britain calling.
Is this thing on? Are we still here? Europe? Are you still there? Are our European servers still on? Are we all still friends?

Sorry about all that guys. Everything went a bit mad there for a moment. Our money is worth less now, the markets are in turmoil and the Leave campaign lied to us after all. I don’t think that panned out well, did it? The older generation wanted out. The younger generation wanted in.

Anyhow, I saw this Boston Dynamics video and, for no real reason, figured it deserved a place here. We’ve covered the rather clever Boston Dynamics robots before but, well, these things are just all kinds of cool. Look at how they go up stairs, across terrain and how they get around objects. It’s ruddy scary and cool all at the same time.

Right America. Now it’s your turn. If this all gets worse and this Donald Trump guy gets into power, I’m buying a spaceship…

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