Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Video overview

Reolink HD IP Security Camera   Video overview

Remember the all-weather fixed security camera I reviewed the other day? The Reolink IP camera will fix to your wall or roof and points at your driveway, your garden, your warehouse or inside your property and you can view the images and video anywhere in the world via the Reolink smartphone apps.

Not only that, but you can have the feed sent to an NVR – which is basically a video recorder constantly recording your footage – and there’s a movement detection system which emails, notifies and FTPs images to you.

However, one thing I did want to do with this review is to give you a longer introductory video. Sadly I missed that, so today I went back to film a little video showing you how the camera is setup, how it’s powered and how you operate it.

Interested? The RLC-410 4MP Fixed Lens PoE Security IP Camera is available on Amazon for £79.99 with free delivery.