Tesco launch Mobile Xtras

Tesco launch Mobile Xtras

Well, this is awkward. We’ve been given some information about a new offering from Tesco Mobile but their PR team aren’t getting in touch. We’re not totally sure if we’re breaking an embargo or what-not, but here goes anyway.

So, word on the street is that Tesco Mobile are launching “Mobile Xtras”. It’s a system we’ve seen (and used) previously from a couple of MVNO’s who tried to deliver data, calls and text allowances in exchange for you watching some ads. Here it’s a little different, with your bill being reduced after you’ve watched some ads or offers.

Geolocation will be used to offer promotions for shops and cafes which are close by too, and you’ll get 200MB of free data to cover the expected “data cost” of these adverts actually showing on your phone. We’re hearing that you’ll be able to save £3 a month and also there’s an assurance from Tesco Mobile that advertisers won’t be able to get into your personal data.

With Three planning to block ads, this could turn things around quite a bit. Imagine if mobile networks blocked website ads and instead presented their own ads as a way to reduce your monthly bill. It’s a win for customers, it’s a win for the networks, but the content providers on the internet would mostly lose.

Update – We’ve now been given the official details below.