Ovivo on test, just how does £0 per month actually work?

Ovivo on test, just how does £0 per month actually work?
During our continuing look at virtual network operators, we featured Ovivo. They operate on the Vodafone backbone and have a rather unique proposition which has just been boosted with an extra data allowance.

It’s simple really. You buy an unlocked phone, then you pay £15 for one of their SIM cards, it arrives, you slap it in the phone and that’s it. Provided you stay in your limits you won’t pay a penny more.

The company have been operating for over a year now and that free monthly allowance (150 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB data) is paid for by adverts that pop up when you’re browsing. You’ll see them at the start of your browsing session and then again after 10 minutes, but how does it work in reality?

Well, we grabbed the Samsung Galaxy Y and slapped in the Ovivo SIM card. After activation we recorded the video below just to show you how this all works..

It all seems pretty straightforward to me. An advert popping up maybe every ten minutes? It seems like a good swap for someone who doesn’t need a huge wad of data, talk and text. Give it a try yourself here.

Ovivo on test, just how does £0 per month actually work?

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  • weirdstuff

    Hehe, inspired idea, good man… ;-) They do data for mi-fi as well but, as it’s currently the same level as the phone deal it works out best to get the phone sim and then create a mobile hotspot for your tablet (etc) using your phone (most modern phones can do it). Or order a sim for data as well and get 1000mb for free each month. Groovy!

  • Phil K

    Enjoyed that. Cheers mate.

  • Kim8o

    Have had one for a couple months now ! Had a few probs setting it up was due to Vodafone masts. But I have unknowingly used all my £15 how I don’t know any help there? I will be in contact with Ovivo to try and solve my confusion!