Lumsing portable battery charger – Now cheaper with our code

Walking around with that low battery notice on your phone is always going to put you on edge. So, to charge on the move, your going to need something like this.

Lumsing portable battery charger   Now cheaper with our code

This is the Lumsing Harmonica 10,400mAh dual-port power bank and yes, it really is designed to look like a harmonica. Normally it’s £15.99 but you can get it for just £10 with our special deal code, which is…


The deal ends at 23:59 on May 19th, so you’ve got to be a bit quick on this one and get in before Thursday.

Inside is a massive 10, 400mAh battery and there’s two USB outputs – a 5V 1A and a 5V 2.1A. Once you’ve charged up the battery (which is done via a standard microUSB connection), you then carry the charger around and use it when you need. Stick it in your car, then pop it in your pocket for an instant boost. That 2.1A plug will help to charge your device quickly too.

In the box you’ll receive a USB cable and a carrying pouch to keep it in good condition.

Remember, use our exclusive code of K8OMS5AJ on the Amazon product page to get the priced knocked down to just £10.