Argos app receives an honest update

Well, if nothing else, they’re up front about their mistakes. We like that.
Argos app receives an honest update

The developers behind the Argos Android app were refreshingly frank about their latest update… 

Remember that Easter Egg we put in where it looks like you can tap on the search term but you can’t? Funny right?? It was deliberate, honest 🙁

Yeah, ok hands up on this one, we didn’t think it through. The Material Design feedback had us strutting around with our chests out and talking in the 3rd person like a coding Zlatan…and then the ground came up to meet our faces in a humbling UX faux pas smack down

It’s fixed now and we also put an overflow menu to enable quick return to the home screen.

Fair play.

I’ll be equally as honest about their utterly terrible stock-checking tablets that I had the displeasure of using at their Perry Barr store recently though. They have to be the slowest, dumbest and most unstable units I’ve ever seen.
Argos app receives an honest update

They’re supposed to let you compare products and find out more information before you tap in the product numbers on much quicker screens attached to the payment systems, but they instead fail to register your finger press and operate so slowly that you’d be better going into the warehouse and checking stock yourself.