EE TV Update goes wrong, new features rolled back

Customers of the EE TV service already have a few questions. Will BT TV eventually replace their box? Perhaps. More importantly though, where’s the promised March update? It’s still not here, and customers aren’t happy.

EE TV Update goes wrong, new features rolled back

The update is pretty promising, and the promised new features are very appealing – especially the fact that you can effectively copy recorded shows to your mobile device just seconds after the show has aired. However, as we reported last week, it was a two-pronged update. First, the mobile app needed updating and secondly, the TV box itself. Trouble is, the mobile app completely refused to work unless the EE TV box had received the new update. Some people, a we mentioned before, got the update, but others didn’t. Those that did get the update saw their EE TV software get rolled back. Then, to add insult to injury, the mobile update would just completely freeze when a box with the older software was detected.

It was a bit of a mess, and EE reverted the mobile update or “tweaked” it to not freeze. However, people are still wanting to know exactly where the promised new features are. EE staff within the community forums have just continually stated that boxes will be updated “soon”, but there’s some possibly revealing information here from someone called galnet who has stated that they’ve received news from EE technical support stating..

Following issues with customers services we have pulled the update, these issues revolved around customers losing TV channels and mobile applications failing to establish connection to box.

We hope that the update will be reissued with the next few weeks. Until then ALL boxes have been reverted.

So, if you’re expecting the new services soon, think again. EE will need to fix the update before they attempt to roll out these new features again.