GSL 2016: Dog and Bone Cases and Bluetooth Locks

Dog and Bone Cases were at the Gadget Show live event demonstrating new water proof cases and Bluetooth smart locks from America today. First up were the waterproof cases which all offer up to 2 metres in depth for a time of 1 hour, ideal for plumbers and surfers! The two versions are simple, one with a glass front and one without. Yes the one without glass does protect any smartphone even if it is not designed to be submerged. The current price is $79 and now being supplied through Kondor in the UK.
 GSL 2016: Dog and Bone Cases and Bluetooth Locks
The Bluetooth are very cool, all different shapes and sizes depending on what you are trying to protect. All the locks are controlled by an app for either iOS or Android. A nifty feature is that you can virtually share your key with a friend or a work colleague to allow them access to that particular lock.
There is a luggage version that is accredited by TSA which means you won’t get it cut off in airports!

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