Older Kindle eReader? Update it to stay online

Older Kindle eReader? Update it to stay online

Recently I received an e-mail from Amazon (nothing new there) which read..

Dear Kindle owner blah blah blah

.. as with the majority of the others I filed it under bin without reading it. Well, it appears I should have.

If you’re the owner of a pre-2013 Kindle (that is, the original Kindle Paperwhite and earlier) you need to update the software by the 22nd of March (that’s tomorrow people) if you want to stay on line. If you don’t, you’ll lose access to the Kindle Store, your books in the cloud, and anything else that depends on Kindle services. Basically, all of the reasons you bought a Kindle in the first place.

If you miss the deadline you can still update your device but it’s a manual job using a USB cable. Grrr.. I’ve got three Kindles somewhere about the house which I’d better find and update…