SmartCall shuts down due to competition

SmartCall shuts down due to competition
We really liked SmartCall from Virgin Media. It basically let you hop onto any WiFi hotspot and you could use your mobile as if you were on your landline at home.

This was especially good if you were abroad, and you could pick up your mobile in a coffee shop, hook onto the WiFi and then call people as if you were sat on your own sofa. People would see your home phone number pop up and calls would be charged as if you were in your own house.

The system is just over two years old, but Virgin Media have chosen to shut it down. A message on their website states that everything will come to an end in just over a month…

Sadly, from 28th of April 2016, we’ll no longer be able to offer the SmartCall service.

Not a great deal of information there, I think you’ll agree. There’s a bit more detail but it’s almost a rewording of the same thing. From what we’re hearing, it appears that other alternative apps such as Skype and Facetime have captured the public attention instead.

More information on the customer section.