Early images of the LG G5 ‘Magic Slot’ accessories

There has been some indication recently that the new LG G5 will incorporate a number of new add-ons and accessories as part of a new mini-ecosystem. This eco-system will be known as “G5 with Friends” when the new flagship handset is launched. Each add-on (both attached and independent) are said to be controlled by an app known as the LG Friends Manager according to VentureBeat. The report from VentureBeat discusses a new VR camera, a robot (BB5 style possibly?) and  two other possible add-ons aimed at photography and audio.

Firstly, what is a ‘Magic Slot’? Well indications are that this is a swappable area that allows you to swap the battery out from the bottom of the handset for an add-on or accessory.

Early images of the LG G5 Magic Slot accessories

Image credit: CNET Korea

A recent leak from Evan Blass indicates a battery add-ons for the photography module which includes a 1100mAh battery and buttons for the camera. The buttons will probably replace the screen functions for zoom, flash and so on. The accessory is current known at the LG Cam Plus and is aimed at give you a grip when using such a thin handset.

Early images of the LG G5 Magic Slot accessories

Image credit: Android Authority

The audio accessory for the LG G5 was apparently been produced with Bang & Olufsen and adds a DAC (digital to analog converter – see our post with the portable amplifier to see more about DAC). The new audio component will apparently be known as the LG Hi-Fi Plus.

The VR camera we mentioned earlier is rumoured to be able to capture 360-degree footage and photos, namely LG 360 VR . Last but not least, the Robot!  a smartphone-controlled robot named the Rolling Bot, sounds a little familiar if you are a Star Wars fan?