Oppo Digital Unboxing HA-2 and PM-3

Christmas is coming and you need that knock-out present – well we’re here to save the day. Back in November, we looked at Oppo Digital’s new HA-2 portable amplifier and PM-3 headphones (Come in Major Tom? New Christmas Presents from Oppo), which boasted some great specifications.

We have now managed to get hold of both the HA-2 and PM-3 for review.

Both units came in premium boxes with everything you needed for analogue and digital sound. First up we tested the HA-2 on its own, using an HTC One M8 and an Apple iPad. The digital sound was terrific and Motley Crue have never sounded better outside of an arena. In terms of the PM-3 headphones, they came in a box on their own with three individually packaged boxes of connections for your listening needs. Empire of the Clouds by Iron Maiden was the test song of choice, as it contains pianos, an orchestra and a heavy-metal band. The headphones performed beyond my initial expectations.

In short – if you demand quality audio,┬áthen the HA-2 and PM-3 are an ideal pairing. The headphones are excellent on their own too.

If you’re interested in finding out more information, then you can check out Oppo Digital’s site which provides some good information on both the HA-2 and the PM-3.