Joleon Lescott and that “accidental tweet”. Pull the other one fella

I’m not a huge football fan, admittedly. However, even if you don’t follow the great game you’ll probably have heard about the Villa match this weekend.

As a local team, it was all over the sports and news bulletins last night. Aston Villa, and I don’t really think there’s any other way of putting this really, got smashed to bits by Liverpool. The scoreline ended with Liverpool driving home 6 goals while Villa scored 0.

Villa fans began to walk out before the game ended. Villa weren’t giving the fight that they expected and Liverpool were taking full advantage. They were disappointed, angry, frustrated.

Joleon Lescott and that accidental tweet. Pull the other one fella

However, just after the game ended, player Joleon Lescott shared this picture of a £120,000 Mercedes on Twitter.

The tweet is still there. He hasn’t deleted it. However, if it does eventually get removed, here’s the car in question. It’s not your usual runabout..

Joleon Lescott and that accidental tweet. Pull the other one fella

Yes, we all know that premiership stars get paid a hideous amount of money. Yes, we’ve all seen their expensive cars in the carpark when we attend a game, but to put this tweet out when you’ve just lost 6-0 and disappointed the fans? It’s severely rubbing salt in the wounds.

Fans protested. You can see some of the reaction online in the responses to his tweet. They were pretty miffed, and felt that perhaps the pay packet was more important than the game.

It got so bad that Lescott then posted this grovelling apology.

Now, it’s at this point that I would like to make a few things clear. Yes, he apologised. That’s admirable, however, I just can’t accept this part..

Joleon Lescott and that accidental tweet. Pull the other one fella

It happened whilst driving…? The phone was in his pocket?

Now, I don’t know what Twitter client he’s using, but let’s say he’s using the standard one. Even of he isn’t, this is going to be a seriously amazing achievement by his pocket.

Let’s look at the steps that you might take to share an image..

1 – Go to your gallery app
2 – Select a photo
3 – Choose “Share”
4 – Choose “Twitter”
5 – Hit “Post”

Now granted, he may have already selected the photo perhaps and was about to share it with family via email or something before the game. Perhaps, maybe, it then switched to “Twitter” and posted it in his pocket as he was driving his equally expensive vehicle back from the game. I’m not sure though. Even from within a Twitter app it’d be a miracle if you could pocket-tweet an image…

1 – Open Twitter app
2 – Create a tweet
3 – Choose an image
4 – Press “Post”

So I’m basically calling bull on this entire response. If his pocket can do all that by itself, then I’d say that it’s considerably more talented than the rest of him.