Microsoft Lumia 650 incoming but later than we thought

Microsoft Lumia 650 incoming but later than we thought

Lumia 650 prototype?

Microsoft is pushing out a new mid-tier device that is going to be aimed at the business sector, however, we are hearing stories that the expected launch date has been moved from the beginning of February to the middle of the month.

Microsoft Lumia 650 incoming but later than we thought

Lumia 650 render

The phone sports some fairly basic specs and a 5″ 720p display. It looks to have a metal band running around the edge and is a little bit more “premium” than the Lumia 550. Here are the rumoured specs below.

By all accounts, the edge has been achieved by using a laser cutting tooling method. This gives a smooth and sleek finish. Why this was not ever used on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL we will never know, but it looks pretty good.

  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Colors: Matte White or Matte Black
  • 5-inch 720p display
  • Snapdragon 210 or 212 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8GB of storage with micro SD expansion
  • 5MP front-facing camera; 8MP rear with LED flash
  • No wireless charging (could change)

Here are a few renders of the design that were made up by our friends at Windows Central

The phone will now be delayed due to some software/hardware glitches that were found in final testing. This will give Microsoft a little bit of time to get the glitches sorted in time for release. The suggested launch date does seem to fall in line with the dates for MWC which kicks off on the 22nd of February. However, rumours are stating that although Microsoft will indeed be present, this is going to be a largely low-key event for them. Last year the Microsoft stand was vast but the section that was dedicated to phones was very small as the phones were a very small part of what was actually being pitched. For Microsoft the event seemed to be more about the push of their connected services than it does about actual devices.

What is also being talked about in hushed words is that this may be the last Lumia device. There could be a shift towards a phone being developed by the Surface team. The Lumia devices of late have still maintained a lot of the legacy that was Nokia in their design and I think that this may be the last phone that we will see to have any of the distinctly “Lumia” design cues.

We are looking to be on the show floor for MWC so, as soon as we have the info from Microsoft’s announcements – however big or small it turns out to be, we will share it with you here.