MEEM – A clever charging cable that will keep your memories safe

I am utterly hopeless at backing stuff up. I’ve held onto my ageing LG G3 because there’s buckets of photos on the internal and external storage. I just can’t bring myself to move to another phone but – even worse – nothing is backed up. If I lose those precious videos and photos then I only have myself to blame.

Yes, I should use cloud storage, but then I’ve got to put some work into it. Even an auto-backup app will need me to tweak the settings so that it either only uses my WiFi or only ever backs up when it’s plugged in. Some apps don’t have that last setting either – you just get the option to use WiFi, and then you’ll find that your battery is flat.
MEEM   A clever charging cable that will keep your memories safe
So say hello to the MEEM cable. It’s a dual-purpose phone charger and backup solution. Just plug your phone in as you normally would and it’ll do the rest. It doesn’t even need to use an internet connection.

Available next month, it’ll store your photos, contacts, messages and music when you charge. You control it with a freely-available app, which is coming to both Android and iPhone.

We found the Android version, which seems to have a 16GB capacity for £49.99, and the iOS model, which has 32GB capacity and costs £69.99. Personally, with me carrying around about 40GB of photos and video on my Android phone, I may need something even more substantial.