Three start their SIM sale

Yes, we’re getting emails from PR agencies telling us about January sales already. This one is from Three, who are launching their “biggest SIM sale ever”. They’re offering half price SIM-only deals for as little as £4 for the first three months of a 12 month plan. Not bad that.
Three start their SIM sale

To be honest there’s not a great deal we can add to the prices we’ve received below. You’re getting a three month discount on all their deals by the looks of it and I’d perhaps plumb for the 4GB data plan with 600 minutes, as that would suit me perfectly. This would cost £8 for the first three months and then £16 for the remaining nine months. That works out at an average of £14 per month over the 12 month contract.

The fun starts tomorrow, with these offers remaining live until January 29th January, so you’ve got quite a bit of time to get one.

Three’s SIM Only January deals:

Tariff First three months – monthly cost Remaining nine months – monthly cost
12GB + AYCE minutes £13.50 £27
12GB + 600 minutes £11 £22
12GB + 200 minutes £8.50 £17
8GB + AYCE minutes £12 £24
8GB + 600 minutes £9.50 £19
4GB + AYCE minutes £10.50 £21
4GB + 600 minutes £8 £16
2GB + 200 minutes £5.50 £11
1GB + AYCE minutes £8 £16
1GB + 600 minutes £5.50 £11
500MB + 200 minutes £4 £8