I’m the firestarter, smartphone firestarter

Im the firestarter, smartphone firestarter

Just the other day we covered the rather “unique” testing process for the OUKTIEL K6000 phone. Last time we saw this handset, some mad fool took an angle grinder to it.

This time, they’re trying to burn the thing. Honestly, I’ve got some pretty weird mental images of their test lab…

Nahhh, let’s not bother with the drop test, let’s get some random power tools on it, then we’ll try and set it on fire!

Just before I do, I should give you a bit more information about this particular brand. According to our Chinese PR guy, OUKITEL is the global smartphone brand and Doogee is a subsidiary company. So it’s a bit like the Huawei / Honor setup…. a bit.

Anyway, onto the video…

OUKITEL have apparently got some useful results after completing this.. errrmmm…. “experiment’…

There are always cell phones of whatever brand do catch fire, so this video will tell how to burn a beverage can, a normal smartphone and OUKTIEL K6000 phone, and which will catch fire. Result: the beverage can crashed promptly when fired it with the frame thrower; the normal smartphone caught fire and melt itself; OUKITEL K6000 survived from the fire, and didn’t catch fire.

So basically, if I’m to translate that a bit; if you’re not totally confident about your phone and you’re worried that it might explode from the outside in (!?), get one of these. If you’re not, maybe buy a normal smartphone or carry around a cab of Pepsi and pretend it’s a phone.

Details of K6000 can be found here. It’s got a 6000mAh battery and, because of that, you can charge other devices from the phone. It’ll also defend you against really small and targeted flame attacks thanks to the aluminium alloy frame and metal back cover. You can get further details and buy one from GearBest. It’s less than £92.