HTC Launch Event – Watch LIVE

There had been a fair amount of leaks for the HTC One A9. Orange France gave us our most recent and clearest look at the new HTC handset, as you can see here..

HTC Launch Event   Watch LIVE

Today we’re not in London or even New York (where the feed below seems to be coming from). No, we’re not eating canapés and we’re not being crushed by hundreds of other tech media as we try to grab a look at the handset. No hands on time for us today, this is a web-only launch and you can join in below.

The HTC “Be Brilliant” event starts at 5PM UK time, which is 9AM PT, 12PM ET. Watch it with us below.

The HTC One A9, from what we’ve seen, will have a 5″ full HD 1080p display and will be available in at least the white and black shades we’ve seen on earlier leaks. It’s also going to gave a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 4 megapixel camera on the front.

We are expecting a price of around £444 based on a direct conversion of the leaked prices, but it’ll no doubt be a tad more.

As we get the details you can get them all here.

Update – HTC One A9 pricing insanity..

In America the 3GB/32GB is $399. That’s arrived £260 (rounded up lots).

Here in the UK the 2GB/16GB version is going to be £429.99.

I’ve had enough of this. .