Rock on – Mini amp speaker for your smartphone

Rock on   Mini amp speaker for your smartphone

Simple and easy this. It’s a miniature speaker for £13.99 which you plug into via a 3.5mm audio cable. It’s just like those amplifiers you’ll see on stage at rock concerts, but this mini amp speaker is powered by AA batteries or a USB port instead of directly off the mains.

On the front you can control the volume, bass and treble via those knobs. A single 3W speaker will pump out your tunes and you can have a little dream that perhaps, just perhaps, you are in a band playing on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans.

No Bluetooth here by the looks of it, but then that’d ruin the whole idea of the speaker. Get yours here at PrezzyBox

It's an Apple Watch, honest. I paid less than £17 for it too.
Another DOOGEE - This time less than £80.