Nexus 6P – Horrible unavailable message for UK

Nexus 6P   Horrible unavailable message for UK

I get it Google. You’re busy creating new software and working with fantastic ideas and getting your current new stock out the door, as well as buying domains that nobody in their right minds will want to say out loud. Oh, you haven’t heard? Google bought No, really.

Yes, it’s the perfect accessory for their new parent company Alphabet. That’s not my problem. My problem is when you post messages like “Nexus 6P. This product is unavailable in your country.” That’s a horrible unavailable message. I’m pretty sure you mean something like it’s unavailable to buy right now, unless you’ve changed your mind and have decided not to sell the Nexus 6P in the UK any more. Except if that is the case, why is the CarPhoneWarehouse still showing they’re still willing and able to sell it on both Vodafone and EE? Why are they saying that the device will be available on the 22nd October? We know they’re also doing the Nexus 5X preorders.

Nope, I think every now and again, your awesome engineering dudes and your marketing people swap places for a little while and whilst it’s technically true that the Nexus 6P is unavailable, I think you mean that it’s not available to preorder right now on the UK website. There’s a subtle but kinda big difference, since for a moment I was about to throw the bathwater and the bath out the window, whilst flipping the table over (big bathroom?).

It’s ok. I took a moment, tried to figure out a way to write a post with a title that didn’t feel like clickbait, and failed. Eventually I remembered that when all is in doubt, just remember the Alphabet Aerobics.