One Year Teen Developers Series Anniversary!

One Year Teen Developers Series Anniversary!


Hard to believe that it’s been exactly one year since the first teen developer interview was published. In the year since, we’ve published 23 interviews! Although long-time readers may remember that we technically published 24 but had to retract one. This means there’s been an average of a new interview every 16 days!

For those who never really knew what these were, when I joined the Cool Smartphone team I set out to interview teen developers so that word of their projects would get out and they’d have a bit of a stage to show themselves off on! Each interview consisted of me asking the developer about themselves, their projects, and their experiences developing for the mobile and web. We’d also include photos of their workspaces, because who doesn’t love looking at photos of desks, right?

Except Tyler, that is. Thanks for the photo of the cave buddy. ;-)

So what’s the point of this anniversary post? If you caught our last interview with Peter you’ll have noticed I mentioned that I’d publish a collection of tutorials online so that you too can get started in the amazing world of developing! Here’s a list of all our interviews to date before we get to the tutorials.

Speaking of interviews, we also have an extra one published today! You can view it here or at the bottom of our list of interviews!

List of all interviews from the start

Phew! Long list! Now as promised, here’s a list of tutorials to get started making your own applications!

And remember, as always, if you want to be interviewed for our Teen Developers series (go on, don’t be shy!) feel free to shoot me an email or tweet and we can start talking! Here’s to another great year!

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