Pebble Time – Hands-on

I have one.
Pebble Time   Hands on

That is all see you later!
Pebble Time   Hands on

Only joking… 🙂

I am now a proud owner of the brand new Pebble Time and I thought I would share some of my thoughts about it. I’ve now had it for a couple of days. Bear with me though, I am new to the whole Pebble experience.

Here is the unboxing video for you, so sit back and enjoy.

It couldn’t have come sooner as I was ready to throw my Sony Smartwatch 3 against the wall, mainly due to the weak battery life. I am pleased to say that this is not something that the Pebble Time suffers from as I have had it now for 72hr’s and I have had to charge it once in that time, whereas in the same time period I would have charged the Smarthwatch 3 at least 3 times. Immediate win for Pebble there.
Pebble Time   Hands on

Another win is that the Pebble Time will track my sleep with the addition of the Misfit app without me having to do anything. Next it’s the fact that it is not a touch screen.

Wait a minute NOT a touch screen is a benefit, well yes. Let me explain, have you ever tried to take a shower with Android Wear and it touch screen as it goes a bit mental I guess the Apple Watch would be the same but I am just guessing. I like that I don’t have to disable my watch’s function to use it in the shower. I would also have to disable to screen during the night as if it came into contact with skin the screen becomes active causing all sorts of madness.
Pebble Time   Hands on

I love the design and the size of it as it small and looks like an actual watch. So far I am truly smitten, but it does have a few negatives they are only minor but they are there. The Silicon strap is a dust magnet and it gets grubby very quickly, but it is an easy swap to get a different strap so no biggy. Not having google maps on the wrist is a bit annoying but I can cope without it. It would be nice if the Misfit app tied into their wearable app but it doesn’t, which is a missed opportunity but not a deal breaker.

Gallery of the unboxing

After my initial time with the Pebble Time the Sony Smartwatch 3 has been put back into its box and I think the Smartband will be joining it very soon. I am very happy now I just need to find some apps for it.

For more thoughts about the Pebble Time then listen into the podcast tonight were James and I will be discussing it.